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Posted by Sam from Lake Stevens, WA on February 12, 2020

**UPDATE: So on Feb 5th I emailed Tom, owner, about my frustrations and about my damaged headboard and he expressed his apologies, but he also blamed me for the misinformation from his employees and told me I should have known what I was ordering. Pretty sure the employees are supposed to know what they're talking about and give me correct information. I don't know anything about mattresses and differences. That is their job. One thing that really bothered me in his email was, "Which is why I am surprised that you are so upset about something that wasn’t an option to begin with."
He also told me to send him pictures of the damages to my headboard and here we are 1 week later with no response about what they're going to do to fix it. I have left voicemail and sent multiple emails with no response. The worst customer service after they got their $$! Tom also asked me to change my review to "more accurately reflect the facts" about what happened. All the facts are correct that I have stated. I am not happy about how I'm being treated right now and that the owner has not even called me back about fixing my headboard.**
Gave 5 stars previously online because staff was great, but mattress being delivered now and I spent close to $5k on it and isn't what I thought I was getting. I wasn't informed that there is a difference between a king and queen dual Instant Comfort Number bed. Thought each side was completely adjustable and separate from each other, but it is not. Went to the Bellevue store and Monroe store and neither employee mentioned a difference even after all the questions and comments my mom and I made about it being separated in the middle. Super disappointed and hope the mattress is good because I can't return it.
I called and spoke to the owner Tom about it and all he could say was I'm sorry and you are getting a good mattress. Not the point if I'm still getting a good mattress. It isn't what I thought I bought and I spent a lot of money.
Oh, and my headboard was damaged also during the delivery.

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