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My daughter bought me a single firm mattress I slept in i...

  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor

Posted by Richard from Youngstown, OH on May 10, 2019

My daughter bought me a single firm mattress I slept in it two times, its like trying to sleep on a beach ball wanting to fall off the bed and not firm at all. The sales person told my daughter that the mattress has a ten year guarantee and after she purchased it and signed the receipt the sales person handed my daughter a Quality mattress outlet form and it states that ( Quality mattress does not offer a comfort warrenty and does not accept any returns on any merchandise ) this was an out wright lie telling my daughter that it has a ten year warranty and not only that he hands her the this paper after she purchases the mattress. THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY. very very Dishonest. BEWARE do not buy from any quality mattress stores. I wrote to Governor Mike Dewine about this matter see what happens only one thing I can tell you my girl friend had a problem with a furniture store and I wrote to Mike Dewine We got very quick results...

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