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Scam Artists Paradise

  • Selection: Fair
  • Expertise: Fair
  • Service: Very poor
It was close to home.
Hidden "No Refund" "All Sales Final" policy. VERY long delay to get products.
Return Policy
Warranty Claims

Posted by will from Hendersonville, TN on October 2, 2021

If it looks like a SCAM, if your gut says it may be a SCAM, if common sense tells you it might be a SCAM or if someone with previous experience tells you it's a SCAM, but the price at Price Point Furniture draws you in to do business with them anyhow, then you get what you get. Nowhere is it posted "ALL SALES FINAL" or "NO REFUNDS" except on the fine print at the bottom of your receipt. The receipt you get AFTER YOU ALREADY PAID! No one tells you "NO REFUNDS" or anything of that nature. But to avoid LITIGATION, they might refund 80% of your money. They call it a 20% restocking fee (even if you never received the furniture). If you paid with a check or cash, you have no choice but to SUE THEM AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. If you paid with a credit card then you can file a dispute with your card issuer. But here is SCAM # 2 (SCAM # 1 was they don't inform you of the NO REFUND policy). SCAM # 2 is ingenious. They make it very clear that there is an 8-week or longer wait on furniture. I was told it would be more like 3-months for my 3-piece Livingroom set. Well guess what? You have 60-days to file a dispute over anything charged on your credit card. Even if your card is stolen and you don't realize it until it’s too late. So SCAM # 2 is built into the sale. If you never get your furniture or it’s not what you ordered or whatever your issue may be, it’s already too late to file a dispute with your credit card. Price Point Furniture tells you it will be 8-weeks or up to 26 weeks (all of which are over 60-days) prior to your delivery; and guess what; it's way past the time you have to file a dispute with your credit card. And since they have a NO REFUND policy, they can keep 100% of your money unless you mention a LAW SUIT. Then they may offer you 80% of your money back. Depending on how much you spent, it may cost more to sue them than to give them that 20% and walk away with your head down.
You've been warned.

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