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Looks and feels like used mattresses?

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Posted by Silvia M from Corona, CA on January 15, 2012

I purchased a mattress from here about 6 months ago. I  bought it for $600. The first night of sleep was horrible and it felt like I was getting bit by bugs. I went to visit another store about 2 weeks later and they had the same exact mattress for $399. I went back to Premium and they would not give me the difference. Everyone knows that money doesn't come easy and times are tough so I cannot go and buy another mattress since they did not want to do anything about the bed bugs. That's what got me wondering that if they sold used mattresses and claiming they are new. Since they did not do anything about it I just had to deal with it. But after 6 months I was fed up! The mattress begun to start sinking in. I understand the mattress gets softer over time but it shouldn't sink in like how mine did.  I went back to the store to ask about my warranty, and they told me that it is not covered by the warranty. This was the worst experience every and I will never come here again.

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    Premium Mattress Outlet has not sold Corsicana mattresses for over two years so this mattress was not purchased at our store. We are one of the few stores that guarantee to sell only new mattresses,not trial period beds like other retailers. We stand committed to service the manufacturer's warranty even if it is at our own expense,

    By: Anonymous on February 4, 2012

    I notice you don't say what brand of mattress you purchased. "I purchased a mattress"........"Then I went to another store and found it cheaper" Gee, we would all like to know what store you went to. Sounds like a personal gripe to me. Too many unanswered questions. How are we going to put creditability in this review?

    By: Anonymous on November 10, 2013

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