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Posted by Elmer J from Chicopee, MA on December 18, 2010

Pieroways is the only place that carries the iron girder, steel frame, truss bed for "US HEAVIER FOLKS", just like on the T.V. Ad. My wife and I, being over 1000 lbs combined, had many bad experiences with bed collapses. Once we even collapsed the bed in the showroom of a brand name bedding store, when we were trying it out, to get a replacement, because the one they sold us fell apart in 25 minutes, when we were cuddling. We were told it was heavy duty, and we spent almost $3,000, not anticipating a catastrophic event the day we recieved it. Within an hour springs were firing out all over the bedroom, and one even hiit one of the poor twins who were coming in to nestle and nurse in their mothers bosom. After many bad experiences like this it was a pleasure to find the good people at Pieroways, who have a scientifically engineered, steel truss bed, with iron girders, with 6 pound coils and cables to hoist people with large body masses, and keep them dangling and floating in comfort, rather than caving into a pancaking mess of worthless memory foam, and collapsing springs. Believe me, when you are almost 650 and your wife is 520, memory foam is very forgetful! And the "Sleep Number" popped like a helium balloon, as soon as I rolled over to caress the beautiful body of my loving wife. When it popped it sounded like a gunshot, and it woke up the neigbors two house down. We fell helpless on the floor. The "Craft-matic Adjustible Bed" made grinding and skreetching noises, like gears being stripped, and motors being siezed, when we pushed the button to incline our heads so we could finally see the TV, something we hadn't been able to do as a couple in bed for a long time. But that thing fried and grinded to a halt after about a two inch incline and five minutes of shaking, rattling, rolling and groaning.

But, Pierways was sent from God to help people who are afflicted with larger than normal body mass idex. Since we are off the chart, it was nice to get such help, from the experts at Pieroways. They first told us how to shore up the foundation of the house so we will have no more floor collapsing. They told us that these heavy duty, steel suspension beds, need to go onto the first floor, unless we wanted to hire a crane to hoist it through the roof to the second floor, but we would have to put an I-beam and lolly columns in the living room to support the extra tonnage. Our floors have a hard enough time handling our famlies weight, which even though we are a small family, of 4, we weigh over 1600 lbs combined.

Pieroways, was absolutely terrific, with their tempured steel I-beam construction, and their professional man who is on TV telling me "HEY, IT"S MY MONEY!" Well, thank God, I have had my new bed for almost 6 months now, and there is still no sign of collapse or sagging, creaking or squeeking. It is absolutely hard as a rock. It has no give at all. I jumped in one night, and it was like doing a belly flop on concrete. The thing is great! Even when the two children are nestling, and staying warm in the folds of love, the bed can hold all 1600 pounds of this loving family.

We will be sending all of our large friends from the Weight Watchers group to Pierowarys for help with their collapsing beds, and bent bed frames. This is a very common problem, but now someone has finally come along and scientifically designed a bed for "US LARGER FOLKS". And I for one want to commend them for their outstanding service to the community. Thank you Mr. Pieroway, whoever you are.

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