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Posted by Karen from Fulton, MD on March 26, 2014

Highly recommend not to buy from here. If you do, assume you are buying "as is" with absolutely no guarantee. Once you have purchased, you should assume that they will make false promise after promise until you finally just give up. Buyer beware!

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    Completely agree with Karen and then some. I purchased a chair for $1600 as a special order during 3rd week in May 2014. My credit card was charged. No receipt, no delivery date-nothing. By the end of July, I inquired about a delivery date and had to keep calling this place. No one seemed at all interested in any kind of customer service. I was finally able to reach the salesman from whom I was able to get a receipt. I inquired about a delivery date and several days later I received a call saying it was the fabric and it would be another 8-12 weeks. AFter hearing nothing, I contacted my credit card company on or about mid-September and having heard I hadn't received the product, they immediately credited my account for the $1600 and interest. At the end of October, this place had the nerve to call and leave a message that the chair would be arriving shortly but with no delivery date. These people do not care about providing any kind of customer service at all once they get your money. It's no wonder they're having a complete liquidation sale. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

    By: Anonymous on November 5, 2014

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