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Don't buy "box springs"

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Posted by Linda S from Woodland Hills, CA on September 2, 2011

If you have a 3/4 antique bed and need a new mattress (as I did), you have very few options, because it must be custom made to your specifications. This translates into "non-refundable" -- which would be ok IF the actual delivered items ARE the size you specify. Mine weren't.

I had ordered a 5" low profile box spring and got a 9" one that actually boosts the bed so high that the headboard is totally covered. If you lay on top of it, you can easily touch the ceiling....feeling like a princess and the pea sort of bed.

Unfortunately, we had signed for the delivery and then moved the mattress and "box springs" to our new home to await the antique bed's arrival several months later. We had not measured it before signing for it (BIG MISTAKE). The bed stayed in the old house until it sold.

Moving forward, here we are in the new house with the antique bed and my very costly ($1284.) new custom mattress and "box springs." I put that in quotations, because there are NO springs in this box. In fact, it is CARDBOARD on top of a very cheaply made wood skeleton and covered over with material. We know this, because we took off the material to see if any part of this flimsy too high "box spring" would be usable under the mattress (which is now perched only on the bed boards.

So, FYI, I'm told by the sales people at Ortho that NO ONE has springs in the "box springs" anymore but that the mattress manufacturers insist on packaging them with a mattress set.

Wasting more time, I tried to get to a customer service person at Ortho, which I finally did after 6 tries. But, it would necessitate shipping the box spring back to Los Angeles from Washington state. Get that? The actual cost of the box spring (which isn't a spring, but a cheapy wood contraption with cardboard glued on top) was $136. So, needless to say, to ship it would have cost much more than that. Since the thing was made 9" rather than 5", we had chosen to rip off the outer cover and try to use the board until we saw that it was only a cardboard.

So, since there is nothing to be done for me, I'm putting this here so that others can know to NOT BUY a "box spring" for their new mattress. Go to a lumber yard and get a piece of plywood cut to size to put your new mattress on.

And, if you buy anything custom, DO NOT accept it or sign anything unless you have double checked your original order.

My order # was 47-16098 ordered 2/21/11 and delivered 3/22/11 (in case anyone want to verify that this actually happened)

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