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Posted by Corey from Costa Mesa, CA on January 20, 2021

By far the worst customer service I have received from any store/business in my entire life. We bought a OCM brand mattress made by Diamond Mattress company. Within 2 months the mattress began to sag and OCM did a courtesy exchange for us. Fast forward 9 months later the mattress began to sag again. At this point it went through the warranty process and was deemed that it had sufficient sag to be covered under their 20 year warranty. Since we had already had to replace the mattress 2 times in less than a year we asked Grace from OCM customer service if we could just get a credit instead of the replacement so that we could used it towards another, more expensive mattress, from their store so that we could keep giving OCM business. Grace persisted on telling us "that's not how the warranty works." Finally after many times back and forth they gave us a credit just for the mattress and not the box spring which was $500 less than what we spent initially. Grace knew very well that wasn't even an option since using the old box spring would void any warranty of a new mattress. OCM employees at multiple locations had voiced that "they wish this was the first time they had heard this happening to this mattress but unfortunately they have heard it happening on multiple occasions." Bottom line OCM is selling a defective mattress and is not standing behind their products. Will not be purchasing another mattress from OCM or recommending them to any family or friends.

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