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Posted by Victoria from Union, KY on September 22, 2018

My husband and I went to Snuggie on Mall Road in Florence KY. We purchased 2 twin extra land mattresses. The next day my chiropractor suggested a sleep number bed. I drove to Snuggie to get my money back. The sales person talked me and my husband into keeping our original purchase. They promised us there mattress were cooling and good quality. Not even a week after having the mattresses deliver I myself could not sleep on the mattress. It hurt me in such a bad way my lower back, and the bed was hot as hell. I went in the store to speak with the sales man, and he talked to me disrespectfully. I told him I would see him in 30 days after he told me I had to keep the mattress for that length of time. When I got home I looked at my recipe to realize I could not get my money back, but only exchange after 30 days. I believe they would have had to refund me my money if the mattresses were never delivered in the fist place. That is why they had talked me into keep my original order.

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