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Sagging mattress, terrible warranty, poor customer service

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Posted by Anne from Yorba Linda, CA on March 17, 2017

Beware Newport Bedding's "warranty"--if your mattress has an issue, which ours did, you have to pay for shipping to and from their factory for them to fix it under warranty, which costs about $250 each way. Almost a year ago, I purchased a $2,000 queen mattress. It started to sag in the middle only a few months after purchasing. When I contacted the store, they never got back with me because I was too far away for them--I was no longer in Orange County and had moved to a nearby county.

After 6 months the mattress was sagging so much that me and my husband fell into the middle of the mattress every night. It was impossible for two people to sleep in it. My husband developed serious back and neck pain from the sag and started sleeping on the couch. Mind you, we are both athletic and fit people.

I put a stop on my credit card because I was getting no where with the store. After that, I got a call from Tom, who proceeded to ask discriminatory questions like "How much does your husband weigh? Is he a big guy?" and "Didn't you purchase this mattress just for one person to sleep on?" These questions made no sense because a queen mattress is by design made for two people, and my husband weighs as much as the average man does.

The store finally sent an inspector out, who confirmed that the mattress had a defect--just by looking at it the inspector could see the huge sag in the middle. I was then given my two "warranty" options: pay more to upgrade to a nicer mattress, or pay to ship my defective mattress to and from their factory--which would cost me $250 each way.

Newport Bedding refused to let me simply exchange my mattress for a new one, continually referencing their warranty (and obviously no regard for customer service) but did let us upgrade to a nicer mattress for less cost. At this point, our mattress cost $3,000.

After a few weeks of owning the $3,000 upgraded mattress, the support in the middle again began to give and we started to fall into the middle of the mattress. I only weigh 130 pound

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