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    Posted by Bev from Longwood, FL on May 22, 2017

    We ordered this mattress 4/29 and received an email stating it would ship on 5/2. On 5/8, we still hadn't received it so I began trying to contact customer service via phone and email. No luck. I got automated responses stating their order load was unusually heavy and they were shipping based on order date, no details provided. We were heading out of the country for 2 weeks beginning 5/10 so I continued to contact Nectar via phone and email. The phone response was the same as before, "they were shipping based on date order was placed", "for additional information, email...". The email response continued to be an automated email regarding unusually heavy number of emails, would response asap.
    I finally sent an email requesting the order to be shipped after 5/22/17. Par for the course, this was ignored and the mattress was delivered on 5/16 while we were out of the country. I finally received an email reply on 5/18, well after we had left the country, and well after our mattress arrived. It stated, "It appears your mattress has been delivered. Hope you love it." Now, I'm extremely concerned if I don't "love it", how will I ever reach customer service to return it?

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