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Restlessness no problem any longer.

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Posted by Angela from Belton, TX on February 15, 2022

I was needing a bed and I happened upon the website of My Mattress I liked what I could see so I called and I spoke first with Fran Leonhardt, such a sweetheart. She gave me the run down on the mattresses and then put Ryan on to talk with me to determine which one I really needed. Ryan asked several questions about sleep habits and such and then wanted to know what I wanted a mattress to do for me. He then began asking questions on what type of mattress I had now and the comfort level I had. After finishing his questions he told me exactly what I needed and the price. I bought the be immediately and then had it shipped to Texas where it took 4 men to unload it and put in the house. Ryan had arranged for everything. Very impressive and when someone needs a bed I tell them about My Mattress a some have called and made inquiries and I think one even bought a bed, I will continue to recommend this company as their service is friendly, fast, and on time. They follow up with you both at the time of delivery and a few days after to ensure everything is going well. They earned their 5 star rating.
No better bed around and definitely no better Mattress and Bedding store either.

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