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Thought we had purchased a superior product!

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
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Posted by Marshal from Columbia, IL on May 23, 2019

We first went to Mueller Furniture looking for a bedroom set. We just remodeled our bathroom, closet, and bedroom. We had heard the Mueller was a good store to purchase from. Well WRONG! We purchased a $6,000 bedroom set with five pieces. Everything was fine. Even the 8 to12 waiting period. But when the furniture arrived one of the biggest pieces was wrong. Investigating the paperwork my copy had the original numbers where the finale copy someone had changed the numbers. So we received the wrong piece. Solution: Order another piece and wait 8 to 12 weeks once again. We ask the store to compensate our await time in form of a discount. The attitude present by the management was "Oh too bad" or "Sucks for you". We would have thought that it was the stores obvious mistake they would offer a discount of some form....but no. I would NOT recommend this store to purchase any big items such as living room, dining room, bedroom, or living room furniture. You really don't know what you will be getting and if it is wrong Mueller Furniture will not own up to their mistake but let the customer bare the burden!!!

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