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This "clearance center" sells USED mattresses as new

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Posted by B Z from Greer, SC on September 21, 2013

We did our price shopping and returned to the Mr Mattress "clearance" center to purchase 2 beds. They were the low price leader by $10 (no big deal when you are talking about hundreds).

The helpful salesman put them in our vehicle (wrapped in plastic, and they APPEARED to be new).

Upon unwrapping these mattresses in our home the odor of URINE was overpowering! Gagging, we re-wrapped them up in the original plastic for prompt return.

Calling the store, we were told this is normal, and it would dissipate in a few days. Just be patient is what we were told.

Of course the receipt reads - no refunds. Let's see how this plays out... will the store refund our money or will we need to take legal steps?

Advice - AVOID this unreputable mattress dealer at all costs!!!

  • Purchased in Sep 2013

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Check for stains to be certain it's a urine smell. It could have been stored in a smelly environment to pick up that kind of smell. Otherwise, some foams put into beds sealed up in plastic are brand new and have a new foam smell to them which isn't uncommon and does take a few days to dissipate. I'm not trying to play down your problem but there are details that should be addressed before knowing for certain the bed has been peed on.

When unbagging a mattress, if they are all sealed up, they should be brand new. If the bags are on the mattress but it's tapped up or not really sealed at all, then it could be a sanitized bed. If the mattress didn't have any clear stains on it anywhere, it is not likely a used bed.

By: Andrew Schlesser of Myrtle Beach, SC on October 10, 2013

You see the deal is that the sales receipt read that upon opening the "sealed" plastic that the mattresses were not returnable. Then reading further into the warranty (which is bogus anyway), if a mattress has stains it is not covered under the warranty.

These BOTH were clearly used mattresses. Upon opening the "sealed" plastic wraps as soon as we got them home (really, how hard is it to seal a plastic wrap to appear as new?) one mattress was puckered so bad from steaming, and the other had visible stains. The overpowering stench nearly knocked us out!

Returning the mattresses to Mr Mattress, the salesman began a heated argument. His neck veins were popping out he was so angry that we wanted a refund!

But clearly he had no valid argument, he is a mere worker bee that is told to say certain things - there was NO doubt that this was a scam by Mr Mattress.

If mattresses are new, wrapped and sealed in plastic, how could they possibly absorbed any odors from being stored in a stinky warehouse? It sounds like you are defending this unethical practice that Mr Mattress embraces. Shame on you!

By: Betty Z of Gaffney, SC on October 12, 2013

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