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bad bed and attitude!

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Posted by Hurting from Anderson, SC on January 25, 2015

We bought a mattress that came highly recommended from the store clerk. Within 2 years it had to be replaced. We have had this "new upgraded" mattress for two months and been trying for a month to have it replaced! We have had two service calls, multiple pictures, and store visits to get this piece of junk out of my house. Clearly they lied and gave us a cheaper mattress ( I looked at prices online).ITS STILL HERE!!! The manager will not keep me updated on what the manufacturer is saying and is dragging his feet trying to help! He finally called me back after I left messages, and told me they cam replace it with the same piece of garbage mattress or I can get a store credit for some of the cost of what I paid for the original. I just want my money back do I don't have to deal with these people again!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU SHOPPING HERE!!! My best advise would be RUN!!!!!! I just want a good nights sleep and not wake not being able to move my body is in so much pain!

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