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Do NOT shop at Morro Bay Furniture!

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Posted by Jamal from Morro Bay, CA on February 15, 2014

The matress selection at this store is fine, but the customer service is TERRIBLE! The salesperson treated me and my husband well while we shopped, but the store staff became rude and pushy once we had purchased our matress. I asked to talk to the store's owner becuase I was upset about how we were being treated (as someone who had just paid for our matress), and the owner was even more pushy and uncaring. He told us that we were wasting his time and that we needed to leave the store before he had our car towed from 'his parking lot.' WHAT? We just bought a matress from the store and the owner was now threatening us? If there was any way that I could get our money back from this place, I would. WORST customer service that I've ever experienced in my life. Shop elsewhere for your furniture and bedding.

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