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  • Selection: Very poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
Beautiful Furniture
The beauty is ONLY on the outside; their furniture is crap; if you decide to go with Mor and have your furniture delivered-watch them like a hawk! They don't take responsibility for their negligence!
Issue Resolution

Posted by Theresa from San Diego, CA on July 4, 2022

I purchased a complete bedroom set from Mor Furniture in 2006 for almost $4000. Recently, (June 2022) I decided to sell my house. My real estate agent was staging my house and we decided to break down my headboard/footboard. When He did so, it easily fell apart. We didn't understand at first but discovered that the bed was broken and continuously breaking because the people from Mor Furniture didn't put it together properly. They only put one bracket set together in which it required all four corners to have them. Mind you, I paid around $300 for them to deliver and put it together. Because of their negligence my bed could have collapsed, causing severe injury to myself or death to my beloved cat, Spots, who likes to go under the bed.

I contacted Mor Furniture and they said because it has been over a year there was nothing they could do. We will see what the lawyer says, because more than money, it could have been fatal for Spots or severely injured me.
I told them my concerns and they don't have compassion for me or my cat, Spots for their ill negligence!

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