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Overpriced + Poor customer service = Bad combination

  • Selection: Poor
  • Expertise: Poor
  • Service: Very poor
They are local to Swansboro.
Location Convenience
They are overpriced by two to three times and offer very poor customer service.
Customer Service
Product Consistency

Posted by Jeffrey S from Emerald Isle, NC on June 17, 2011

Mills & Thomas provided perhaps the worst furniture experience of my lifetime. To begin, their prices were two to three times more than I found elsewhere for identical products. Luckily, we got stuck with only the beds, a sofa and a chair. Had they provided decent customer service, I could have dealt with the overpricing, but they were awful. Leone, our sales associate, ordered the wrong cushion for our sofa. When the replacement cushion arrived, she offered no apology or offer to deliver and install the new cushion. Instead, she insisted that we pick it up, drop off the original and install the new cushion ourselves. I negotiated $1,000 off the overpriced bed but only after proving that I found it elsewhere for $1,000 less. They promised a refund for the box spring that we never ordered and returned but are still waiting. I won't shop there again and wish you luck if you do. Mills & Thomas is overpriced and provided poor customer service, a bad combination.

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