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Good product, poor service

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Fair
  • Service: Poor
Product is modern and priced right
Poor delivery service, 5 weeks for delivery
Delivery Service
Delivery Speed

Posted by Jonathan P from Destin, FL on January 3, 2013

Miles has unique furniture offerings and great prices but their service after the sale is very poor. Our salesperson, Perry, has worked very hard to make things right but the company is coming up short. Our furniture took 5 weeks to deliver and the delivery "crew" was two teenagers with our $2,000 worth of furniture packed in the back of an open beater pick up truck. Our bedroom package included a mattress that was folded over the bedsprings and tied down in the truck. The chest of drawers was delivered with a large scratch on top and a huge chunk out of the side. We were able to get the chest replaced after 5 more weeks of waiting and after suffering the mouthiness of the teenage delivery boy who had to eat the cost of re-delivering the damaged piece. We have yet to get the bed frame (10 weeks and counting) but they did provide a temporary frame we could use. I always look for local companies and prefer to do business with them but we WILL NOT be using Miles again. It is just as easy to shop with a large box store with next day delivery that stands by the service they offer. I wish we had had a better experience but I would shop larger firms with better experience before shopping MIles.

  • Purchased in Oct 2011

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