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Posted by Sorin from Buford, GA on May 15, 2017

RUN!!! RUN AND NEVER GO BACK!! Very DISSAPOITING experience! I'm a returning customer (bought a matress about 6months ago)and went back for a new matress today. After purchasing the matress and was on my way home I called my wife to find out that she actually had ordered one on line yesterday which will be delivered tomorrow. I turned around and went back to the store to return it. That was literally 20 min after I had bought it. I was told no refund policy!!! Really?? The matress had never left my van, was still in the original plastic cover. The owner who was quite nice while I was buying, changed his tone and the initial "Sir" that I was addressed to with before purchasing, turned into "Man" after the purchase! "I can't take it back MAN" he said, plain and simple. I asked him politely again to accept a return and refund admitting my honest mistake. Not only that I was met with no understanding from the owner, but he actually treated me with arrogance and gave me a cold shoulder. Business might have been so bad that they really could afford to refund $200???
Lesson learned for me: read the receipt (because I was not told that there are no refunds before purchasing), ask all my questions before purchase and and realize that genuinely nice people are rare. This owner was only nice before and while I buying, but once the sale was over he showed his true colors. Very fake!!! Will definitely NOT go back for more! Shame!

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