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A real nightmare

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Should learn what being honest means
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Posted by Xavier B from Bloomfield Hills, MI on January 28, 2011

Here is my story with that store. It’s a long one, but please read it, it’s well worth the time!!!
We were looking for a new mattress, but we wanted to keep our bed frame (specific size)
We went to Mattresses and Beyond because the manager said he could do special cut mattresses. That was IDEAL for us
We ordered an Englander spring mattress, with foam encase and memory foam topper. We clearly asked if it will be the exact same mattress, the only difference being the dimension (Length x Width)
He said absolutely, no problem…
Well, the mattress we received didn’t have the foam encase. Before we use it, I went to the store and asked about that issue: He said don’t worry, use the mattress and I’ll call the sales rep tomorrow to fix the problem. We spent 1 night on that mattress, and it was absolutely not the same level of comfort: way too hard…..The day after, the sales rep from Englander called me (!!!) and said they didn’t put foam encase in special cut. In the same time, the manager of Mattresses and Beyond called and left a message, saying the same thing but I quote, “we will have plenty of support with that mattress since they put heavier coil”…I guess it explains why it felt so hard when we slept onto it
I called him back and said I wanted a full refund……………and he said NO !!! I tried to explain that the mattress we received was not the one we tried in the store. He agreed but said he could not do a refund!!! After a 30 minutes discussion over the phone, he agreed to make a full credit into his store. We saw another mattress (memory foam) and I thought it was the only option to not loose my money, so we agreed
The memory foam mattress we saw and tried was a Symbol mattress, 10” thick, firm and very supportive. The one we received was a joke. Very light, only 8.5” thick. I called the store right away, and his wife (it’s a family business) said it was a mistake from the supplier and they will fix it. So the guys who brought that 2nd mattress didn’t even install it and took it back. I went to the store to discuss that issue (again) and the woman said they will discuss with the supplier and they will find a solution to my problem, I didn’t have to worry
The day after, she actually called but said they won’t do another mattress for us because obviously I will never be happy with their product…..!!! So they will come to pick up the 1st one (the spring mattress) and they will charge me $390 (restocking fees and delivery fees)………………..You can imagine how angry I was
After a 45 minutes discussion, she finally agreed to refund me in full (because I spent 45 minutes over the phone to explain I should not pay anything since they never delivered the right product)
But the day after, her husband called me and was very “unpleasant” and said I had only 2 options: full credit toward the store ($1,000) or refund minus $390 fees. I was so upset that I didn’t know what to reply for 10 seconds.
Then, it was fight after fight. I went to the store to take pictures of the mattress, I even took the weight of the mattress to show him it was not the same we saw and tried (the one I received was bigger but still lighter than the one we received…..So not the same thickness and foam density)

To summarize (and I spare you all the juicy details) I went to small claim court: I didn’t recover all my money, but I made my point and won my case since the judge ordered him to refund me a portion of the cost, and he also had to pay the court fees

This store is a joke: they have old models, and when you order a mattress, you receive something different
And they are dishonest since they tried to charged me while they couldn’t ignore they NEVER delivered the right product

If you want a mattress in a respectable and serious store, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Run away from that store!!!

If you want all the juicy details, let me know……..I still have the pictures by the way

OK, I have to give you 1 juicy detail anyway: this moron called my company (!!!!) because he wanted my HR manager to take disciplinary actions because I borrowed a ruler and a camera from my office to measure the mattress and take pictures, and he thought I was not supposed to do that……………That tells you a lot about that store, doesn’t it?

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    It's funny there were at least two or three good reviews for this store just the other day. One being my review. Who is in charge of this site and why are the reviews missing from this page!? The reviews I saw should have pushed the star rating up for this store but it has remained unchanged? I am wondering now if the person that wrote the one bad review has some sort of control over this site? I am inclined to believe there are some inside shenanigans and will not see this site as a reputable review site. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this....

    By: Michelle W of Saint Clair Shores, MI on July 14, 2011

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