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Customer Service Class needed

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Posted by Joe K from Oxford, MI on January 25, 2011

I purchased a bed in May, and after the 5th month the bed started to sag in the middle, so much so I started to have lower back pain to the point that I had to reach out to a Chiropractor, and when two people laid down on the bed you were on top of each other. So I called the Mattress World Superstore in Lake Orion Mi to explain my issue in September. I was then told I would have a guy call me to come out and inspect my bed. After about a month after that phone call, I called the store back to see what is taking so long, so the emplyoee told me they will send another fax out to get the inspector to come look at my bed. Then after the I have still not gotten a phone call. (after the 3rd month) I called again. Now its December and I finally had a guy come out and take pictures of the defective bed. Then I get a letter in the mail, about two weeks after the inspector came out. And it is saying that I abused and misused the bed. The bed frame is what caused the bed to sag! (I got the frame from Mattress World Superstores with the purchase of my bed) So I contacted the store and the report from the inspector was completely wrong. It said i Had a Queen, i really have a double(full), Meanwhile I am sleeping on this bed that is defetive. I even talked to the sales person at the store and she told me she wouldn't even recommend the bed that i purchased. I called the corporate office in Howell and they told me that nothing can be done with them, the issues need to be taken care of through the store and the store owner. So i tried 3 times to get into contact with the owner and he will not even talk to me about this issue. Now In customer service, the customer should not be the one to find the business errors and be the one that is to do the run around. So Learn from my mistake and stay away from Mattress World Superstores, 1 Customer Service is really awful. 2 Their beds are cheap. I recommend Art Fan or any other company over Mattress World Superstore!

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