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Zero Accountability, Zero Ownership, Bad Customer Service

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
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Posted by Yusuf from Germantown, MD on October 30, 2019

I had a very negative experience with this store and Mattress Warehouse overall. I choose to shop here because it is local and the reviews looked good, but I had major issues with my purchase, delivery, customer service, and accountability.

I worked with Gideon. He was decent, but he kept trying to sell me things I stated I didn't need. I was very clear about what I wanted. I understand he is a salesman, but there was no give/take. At the end of the sale is where all the real issues began. I received my delivery and was missing one piece of the mattress. I received 3 boxes for the mattress and 2 box springs, but I should have received 4 boxes for the mattress and 1 box spring. The boxes were labeled #1,#2,#3 so I thought I was good to go. Little did I know there should have been 2 #2 boxes.

He began to write up an exchange order while I was talking to customer service. Customer service also didn't seem to understand the issue. After I finished talking to them and got nowhere. I told Gideon to pull up the order. I showed him over and over that I received 1 box of #2 but should have received 2 boxes and that their SKU is wrong. Finally he understood me after I showed him the cost breakdown of each piece of the mattress. the cost breakdown came out to $1500 for that SKU, but the cost of the mattress is $2000. He finally understood. He STILL advised me 1 week for delivery! I told him that I have been sleeping on the floor for one week because my old mattress has been hauled away and that was unacceptable for an issue that is their fault. He said it is not his fault. He finally decided to call customer service again and phrase the issue in a way that would make them release the final piece of my mattress, but I had to drive all the way to Frederick during rush hour to pick it up.

He never took ownership and never apologized. Neither did customer service. They didn't offer any compensation and they did not go above and beyond. There was zero accountability. I should of just got a refund.

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