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Purchase experience was excellent; Ryan Newsome was great!!

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Posted by Dinah C from Vanceburg, KY on September 8, 2014

Purchase experience was excellent; Ryan Newsome was so helpful in helping me make my selection and arranging for it to be held until I was ready for it. The delivery, however, did not go so well. I gave them specific directions to follow rather than rely on a GPS. They did not follow the directions and subsequently claimed they couldn't find my house. They called and I could not get to the phone quick enough , but called them right back and got no answer. No other communication from then was attempted. Again, Ryan Newsome went above and beyond to get my mattress delivered 2 days later, which was imperative due to the pending return of my husband from Africa. Ryan should be greatly commended. Your drivers need some counseling. When they returned to deliver the mattress, they had a absolutely no problem finding my home when they followed the directions. I was so excited to actually get my delivery that I forgot to have them take the old mattress and they didn't ask if I had any that needed disposal of. I had to call them shortly after they left to come back and haul away the old set. This is the third mattress set I have bought from you and will continue to do business with you because of your product, value/pricing and exemplary employees like Ryan Newsome. I will be especially careful next time however in dealing with deliveries. Thanks!

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