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Run away!

  • Selection: Good
  • Expertise: Good
  • Service: Very poor
Rob was a nice guy. But it ends there.
Terrible delivery service! Resolving issues non existent!
Delivery Service
Issue Resolution

Posted by Dennis R on December 16, 2018

Well started out good at the store but once you purchase the nightmare begins! First I was told delivery is from 9-5 with an hour window on calling and letting you know when in the area. I get a call at 7:58 AM saying they will be there in 25 minutes! Well I was dropping my son off at school and told them I was on the way home and by the time I arrived they had come and gone and DID NOT WAIT FOR ME, knowing full well I was coming!!! They would not answer my text when asked why they left. So instead of keeping the customer happy they drove alllll the way back to Orlando from St. Augustine just to tell me to reschedule for the next day!!! I went to the store for answers and Peter was rude, not wanting to hear my issue, and even rolled his eyes at me!! Not an apology or giving a damn about anything I had to say!! I literally missed the delivery truck by minutes. So I asked for a refund!! The next day I went to Mattress FIRM and am happy to say that was the most pleasant experience I have ever had and received that new bed the next day, with a 2 hour notice EXACTLY as promised. Look up mattress 1's corporate office and see for yourself! They are a bunch of sarcastic rude individuals that don't care about their customers!!!!!!

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