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Posted by Jerry from Melbourne Beach, FL on October 21, 2018

Purchased TWO mattress's, same manufacturer, same style, different sizes, one for myself, one for guest room...delivered, first night on my mattress was AWEFUL...springs came through the pillow into my head...went back to store next day HAVE to exchange but want to exchange the 2 mattress's for one for myself. Do not want to go through selection of second, am moving and will deal with it later. I was refused the promise to exchange even though I woulb be paying more for the 1 mattress and the fee for the exchange. Clerk told me to "sleep on it for 2 more weeks and it should soften up"....I refuse to go 2 more weeks without sleep....would not do the exchange....forced me to be sleep deprived even though they have over $1,000 of my money.....horrible company, horrible products, horrible customer service.....BUYER BEWARE

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    Point is: this company is NOT consumer friendly...will not refund even if the mattress is not yet delivered and you changed your mind...they charge a 20% restock fee! Before delivery! And No Refunds! Even if the mattress's they have do not have what you need....Look for a mattress company that offers full refunds if not satisfied...many many mattress companies offer this up front and with free delivery and pick smart..this company is NOT consumer friendly, it says it has "agreements that you signed for on purchase" B.S.

    By: Jerry of Melbourne Beach, FL on October 30, 2018

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