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When come for return it sucks

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Posted by Cindy on March 8, 2018

The sale person was great cuase that there job to sale my son bought a mattress cost him a lot for a gift for me in less then a yr was giving problem but I said Great it has Garantia for 10 yr I’m fine so I call they said come to the store for my surprise when I get there they don’t sell that brand anymore less then a yr they tell me call the company I did ok went to we send inspector to your home he come and tell me ok next step you have to send this Two sticker that show the brand and everything information of the mattress well is now two yr and nothing has been resolved I have send all the sticker of the mattress and nothing call not to long ago now there asking for me to cut a piece of the mattress and send it to them what they think I’m stupid if I damage the mattress it lost it Garantia they giving the round round to get close to the Garantia so they won’t has to change so people don’t buy in any of there store is better going to big lot or some other place cuase the mattress will last longer becuase this people will sell but bull shit if you have a 10 yr Garantia there will make sure you have least o will never recommend that place and it was in Florida to grab your money is fast but to resolve your problem take them years

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