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Posted by Ashley C from Lincoln, NE on February 24, 2014

I will never ever step foot in this store again! I purchased a new bed and mattress set from this store and thought everything was going good...but NOT!
#1. I thought everything would come with the bed (my thinking is...the head board AND frame). I WAS WRONG!! and they never mentioned to me that i would have to purchase the frame SEPARATE!! So that was EXTRA money that i had to spend. Why didn't the guy that i purchased the bed from, mention this to me? That would be the first thing i said to the customer.
It would be like going to buy a car, but yet when you go to pick it up, it has NO tires on it!!?? And then they mention to you, that you would need to purchase the tires SEPARATE
#2. The lady (Donna) told me that ALL the hardware came with the bed. That made no sense to me, why would the headboard come with hardware when you have to purchase the frame SEPARATE??
#3. After I have made many stops to this HORRIBLE store, i go home to place my bed together...BUT GUESS WHAT??? There was NO hardware??!!! SO...back to the store i go!!!
#4. At this point I am MAD!!! This time i am speaking to the manager of the store (Chris) He begins to tell me that the bed does not come with hardware?? I said excuse me, but the other lady (Donna) told me it did. He begins to looks for some hardware, after he DO NOT find any. He tell me to go to LOWES?? What??
#5. Finally after getting home and putting the bed together...its WOBBLY!!!

I am NOT a very happy customer!!! This store needs to be re-trained but the services is AWFUL!!

They were NOT willing to help me out in anyway!!!!!

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