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Top of the Line Support

  • Selection: Excellent
  • Expertise: Excellent
  • Service: Excellent
Jim/Brenda are truly a support team. Always willing to help get what you need not what they want.
Customer Service

Posted by R L from Fairfax, VA on September 14, 2011

If you want someone at the OBX area to help....use Jim and Brenda....if you want someone at home and need to find Jim and thru them and let them worry the logistics whereever you live. Truly a great support team. Call them any time and they will work with you to help.

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I bought from them in 2010 and now again in 2011. Best in customer Support

By: R L of Fairfax, VA on September 30, 2011

This sounds like it was written by .... Jim and Brenda!

By: Anonymous on March 12, 2013

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