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Bought adjustable bed & mattress Dec 2017. Been happy wi...

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Posted by Liala from Salem, OR on February 24, 2019

Bought adjustable bed & mattress Dec 2017. Been happy with it. Now the plastic control has broken. The cover over batteries on back control clip to hold shut broke & 1 battery only will go in 3/4 way in. Bought extended warranty for 9 additional yrs. Called Leggett & Platt 2/21/19. They told me warranty through store. Called store same day, no answer. Left message call me. Called 2x 2/22, 2x 23, & once 2/24. No answer any times. Left message each day. Man's voice comes on answering machine with store name, address, hours. Got suspicious today, went online, discovered store closed permanently. I live 35 miles from this store. I've misplaced my warranty they wrote for $299.00 but have Leggett & Platt book came with bed & receipt for bed & warranty. Planned to go down there this week in person. Needless to say, I'm very unhappy with Leggett & Platt for not telling me this store has went out business. I will be turning a complaint in to the attorney general's office in my town for State of Oregon & Better Business Bureau. Mattress Mania is deceiving people with the message machine leading a customer on that there still open. Leggett & Platt is passing the buck by not telling me this store is closed. This is a warning to anyone else trying to reach them by phone. I've tried looking up the name of what they wrote on receipt for brand warranty. There is no such thing listed. I know I have extended warranty on it because a repairman was here last yr when I had problem & he turned the charge in to the extended warranty dept. If I'm told the store has the warranty paperwork & they've went out business, I can't locate my paperwork & Leggett & Platt refuses to help me, I feel I've been deceived. I thoroughly checked this business out, Leggett & Platt out & did my research before I purchased the bed. Whose left holding the bag for $299.00 down the drain? Me!

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