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Posted by D W from Bakersfield, CA on June 4, 2013

My husband and I purchased to expensive pillows recently because my neck was hurting. Salesman recommended the, Sleep to Live pillow and was in a hurry to ring us up and get us out. He never once told us that they were not returnable.(train your sales people better) I slept on the pillow one night and tried to return them both (only one was open) and they said that they were not returnable. Wanted to know if they were opened? They are in a zipped bag, how do I know they weren't opened there at the store??? We spent over $200.00 for these pillows and they are not worth it!!!!! I went to BB&B and purchased a pillow there and they said that if I was not happy with it to return it. Mattress Land told us some BS story that it was the law that they can not return pillows. If that is the case, why is it that everyone else will return them?? Its called CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! And I have made sure that all my friends and family know not to shop there. Just recently bought a new car and we were talking about how comfortable the seats were just like a pillow. Yes, you guessed it, I made sure that they know not to shop at mattress land. It only takes one customer to tell a friend and then they tell a friend and it goes on down the line.
Mr. and Mrs. Unhappy with you!!!

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