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Posted by Kelly W from Plano, TX on July 28, 2013

Mattress King is a family owned business, which is just one great reason to support this company. The customer service was outstanding and the owner went above and beyond to help me choose a mattress and load it up on my car. He simply explained each mattress set and what the company and consumer reviews had to say. He never brought up price and was just as happy to show the cheapest mattress sets vs the highest priced ones. I did my research before deciding on which store to purchase from, and after do the math, Mattress King beat each and every store in the area based on price alone. When buying from family owned businesses, the customer really does save on the product. I have already recommended friends and family for their future bedding purchases.

Thanks for being so professional and courteous! And for helping tie down the set on top of our Tahoe in the hot sun!!



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