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Exchange was a nitemare

  • Selection: Poor
  • Expertise: Very poor
  • Service: Very poor
upgraded to another mattress $100 more. But there was a $300 extra charge ffor 1 night of sleeping. rip off
Return Policy

Posted by Jim P from Walnut Ridge, AR on June 27, 2012

THIS INFO WAS IN A BROCHERE BUT NOBODY WENT OVER THAT WITH US. tHEY AVOIDED THE WHOLE RETURN POLICY. We purchased a $800 mattress and it was to hard. Called next day and upgraded for another $100 and had it delivered. Now there was another $300 charge for changing our mind after 1 day, som in total we paid $1200 for a $876 mattress. Never go there again and will tell anybody that will listen to stay away. Now they can resell our mattress for another $800. Nice work if you can get it.

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Did you ask about this prior to purchasing? The reason for the fee is an incintive for you to keep the bedding and give it a proper break in period. Every single mattress vendor or seller will tell you the same. A lot of stores won't do anything for comfort issues.
I have purchased from this company, and know they are good people.

By: Anonymous on January 20, 2013

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