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We should have known better

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Posted by Sue from Shawnee Mission, KS on April 29, 2019

Long story short. Sold a Tempurpedic bed by salesman. Steered right to the bed and stood over us pushing the bed. I am an amputee and have not slept a single night without great pain and discomfort on this bed. Were told it would take 3-4 days to break in but certainly not more than 30. Unfortunately we were misled on the "sleep guarantee". We cannot return the bed. We can exchange but if it's for anything less than the original $4k bed we lose our money. Would NEVER have purchased this bed had we known we couldn't return. Were told when asked to return we were told to give it 15 minutes to determine comfort for our purchase decision. I was not going to take off my prosthetic due to embarrassment so unable to confirm comfort. Haven't purchased a bed since my amputation. Had no idea other than buying it and returning (most bed stores will allow) I would be so miserable. Have no more money and can't purchase another bed. Losing a limb is traumatic enough but knowing I will not ever get a good night sleep is unbearable. Will tell everyone we know NOT TO BUY A BED HERE. They took advantage of my disability and I trusted them. Shame on me.

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