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Posted by Brandi K from Fort Riley, KS on March 7, 2011

My husband and I bought a bed on a tuesday. The man who sold us the bed said that we would have the bed that thursday between 3 and 6. Well 5 rolled around that thursday and I got a call saying that our bed wasnt on the truck so we wouldnt be getting our bed. He also said he wold call other warehouses to see if anyone else had it and would call me back before they closed. I called back an hr later and the man who called us had gone home for the day and the other worker said I was lucky he was helping me because he wasnt making commission off of my sale. Long story short it took 3 days to just get a straight answer as to when my bed was being delievered. It wouldnt be delievered till that next thursday was the conclusion. I know in this town being in the military is a common thing but my husband had just got back from a yr deployment and slept on a crappy twin bed. The only thing he wanted to buy when he came home was a new bed of our own and these people gave us the run around. I would never suggest this mattress store. We did get a good price on our bed thats the only reason why I'd give them a star.

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    we also bought a set of mattress~sfrom the mattress hub in manhattan ks. We got the beds on time but when we bought them we thought we were getting the tempurpedic fram also , it turns out you get a serta frame. we went back and said we ordered a( tempur[edic bad set) he said no you wanted the adjustable fram and it is a serta. the tempurpedic fram costs $717 more. we said you never told us that. we ordered the new frame, got home and decided we would save the $717 and just keep the serta frame. I called ahe he said ok he would cancel the order and it will take about 2-3 week s for the check to come in.. well it has been 5 weeks and still no check . We went in to the store today and were given the e-mail address to tell the company. That address is only for store imformation on where and what they carry so I feel lied to all the way around.

    By: Anonymous on October 20, 2015

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