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These people are crooks.

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Posted by Ken from Sachse, TX on June 5, 2017

Do Not buy from these people. Any location. I called all of their locations today. All have disconnected phone numbers.
Below is the letter I sent them which was never answered. I was able earlier to talk to someone on the phone and they told me there was nothing they could do. Here is the letter.

Re, Invoice xxxxxxxx 05/24/2017
To whom it may concern (a Manager),
I purchased the attached on 4/30/2017 from your Murphy store. I was told it was all brand new. Not demo or display.
A few weeks later, I got a call that my order was ready delivery. Upon delivery, I noticed the Sealy adjustable base didn’t look the same to me. The driver assured me it was the same. It clearly was not the same. I called the Murphy store, no one answering the phone. I called one of your other stores and I was told you had trouble getting the base I ordered so you just substituted with another “better” base. I explained I didn’t want another base, I wanted what I ordered and you had no right to switch it (and tell me it was the same) without first getting my approval.
I refused delivery, they took it back. About a week later I called back to get a status on my bed. No answer again at your Murphy location. I called one of your other stores, no answer there either. I called another store and someone answered. I asked if the Murphy location had been closed. I was told it was. Why would you sell beds from that location, close the store, and leave no voice message where to go for help or just forward the calls to one of your other stores? Businesses like yours handle things more professionally, not like this. I was told they would offer me the Tempo-Pedic base in place of the Sealy as they were having trouble getting the Sealy. They confirmed everything was new and never used. I approved this.
They delivered my bed, set it up, left me no paperwork, and I signed nothing.
When using the bed, it was very clear the two remotes were in very bad condition. They had scratches all over them and had what looked like glue residue from duct tape

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