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Customer Service

Posted by Liz from Whitehouse, TX on September 3, 2014

Horrible Communication Problem Between Employees
Be sure when you sign for a product, this is what you want.
Even if you have not received the product 1 week prior to delivery, there
is no changing your mind. The product was suppose to be delivered from 9am-noon.
Received a call that it would be there between 3pm-8pm. We refused, due to plans and he
said they would be there soon. At 130pm they showed up. Very polite delivery guys, no complaint
on these guys.
When the product is delivered check Everything! If the sales person says
they are giving you certain things along with the purchase, do not expect
it to be delivered. Called to let them know, due to warranty we could not even
touch the mattress, until we received the mattress cover. The sales rep took name and
number for another sales rep to call. NO PHONE CALL. Went to the store on S Broadway
and the sales rep said I was not told to call you. He did not have the right size of cover, so he
told me I had to drive to another store on Broadway inside the Loop to get it.
So, once you have signed that piece of paper, do not expect any customer service from that point on with this company.
Customer Service needs alot of HELP. Very disappointed and I will let others know what they are up
against with Mattress HQ.

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    I hate to tell you but it doesn't matter if you have the mattress cover or not they still wont honor their so called warranties. The mattress I bought from them all the stitching on it started coming loose I called one of the so called owners of the company hoping it would get me somewhere because I was not getting any help in tyler but he was the same way no call or emails back and no new mattress of foundation.Cheap products and terrible service.They should be shut down.Sorry for your luck.I got ripped off too....

    By: Anonymous on February 25, 2015

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