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WORST company I have ever been screwed by!!

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Posted by Jennifer T from Belmont, MA on August 10, 2010

Absolutely the WORST company I have ever dealt with. I am not the complaining-type of consumer by any means- this is my first time I have even tried to give a bad review about anything. I feel it is absolutely necessary for me to speak up now, as I have been screwed for such a hefty sum.

I bought the most expensive mattress/ set that this company offered- less than 1 year ago. I have been riddled with back and hip problems for years, getting therapy and everything. As a result, I thought buying a very expensive mattress would help me sleep at least PART of the night (without waking in pain).

The mattress I bought was the 'Collamore Europlush' and it cost me over $3500. The snake- oil salesman assured me it was the single best seller the company had. He also assured me it was such a 'quality' product, and that they offer a 20 year warranty (as opposed to 10- which is what most mattress carry). When I asked him why I should buy from his store rather than go right next door to Jordan's (or any other company) he assured me it was the 'quality of thier customer service that sets them apart'. Absolutely a lie, as I would soon find out.

I thought the original price of $4200 was just a bit pricey, and simply asked if he had a deal to throw in a free pillow or seomthing.... At that point he offered immediately to give us the frame and bedsprings free- savings of over $1000 cash, PLUS gave us free pillows and a mattress pad. Obviously anyone who pays sticker price here is a total sucker, as they have these built in discounts/ scams that seem just plain fraudulent. I was hardly expecting (much less asking) for such a huge price reduction. I think it shows how dishonest this company is- right from the start.

Anyway, they delivered the set on time as promised. The delivery company, in and of itself, is deserving of thier own complaint. I was absolutely frightened- to say the least- by the what showed up. The total process took well over an hour, which probably could have been done in 20 minutes by a legitimate moving company. (They also broke a piece of moulding off my antique bannister)

After only 1 night sleeping on this bed, my wife and I noticed a sag. It was not even slight- it honestly felt as though a 700- pound person had slept in the middle of this bed for 10 years, and THEN we received it. We called to complain, and after 3 miserable weeks returned this mattress. The slick salesman convinced us it was but a fluke, and that another mattress would surely be correct.

He also insisted we could return the mattresses (under warranty) as many times as needed, and still NOT affect our '90- day comfort exchange'.

We received a new mattress roughly 1 month after the first was delivered. Came on time, with an equally lousy experience. After another terrifying hour+ of smashing around my house, the new mattress was in place. This one was noticeably more straight than the first.

After about 1 blissful week, ONE side of this mattress was sagging- noticeably. We thought it was our imagination, and tried ignoring it, but it only became more pronounced.

Mattress Giant would not take this mattress back. They offer only one way to prove the mattress is sagging, and because it is only one side that is flawed, we fail the test. Somehow WE are not right here in our suffering, and the Giant will not acknowledge that we have yet another defective Mattress. This obviously means we are lying about our discomfort, and are somehow trying to affect thier ability to turn a profit.

We tried to complain again, and one week before our '90- day comfort exchange' period was up, we planned to return the mattress for a different one (yet another scam in and of itself: this company messes with the invoice so that the actual discount is not free springs and frame, but a discounted mattress- which means to swap this mattress for another one would entail us paying a LOT more cash- for a less expensive bed!!) When I called the store to inform them I wanted to just get another bed, (since this was obviously NOT a fluke, as promised, but a legitimate DEFECT), they told us we were 'NOT ALLOWED TO RETURN THE MATTRESS FOR A COMFORT ISSUE, SINCE WE ALREADY RETURNED IT FOR A WARRANTY ISSUE... Meaning the original salesman lied to us- surprise!!

As a result, my wife and I paid over $3500 to sleep in a bed which requires we swap sides every night, so that the same person doesn't suffer regularly.It seems absolutely impossible that I would go to a store, buy the most expensive mattress they have, and be stuck suffering with a defect. I have even tried selling the mattress- under the assumption that it was NOT defective (as Mattress Giant insists), and was actually YELLED at by a potential buyer for trying to sell HIM a defective item!!

The bottom line is this: buying from this company is at your own risk- at best. If you are fortunate to get through the pricing scam, without paying the 'sucker-price', and don't have anything bad happen by the delivery 'service', you can expect that Mattress Giant will absolutely lie and do everything in thier power to NOT make good on thier promises or policies. (and good luck calling thier 'customer service' hotline... they answer 'hello', and then give you a scary attitude while providing no help... I was convinced the 800- number leads to a jailcell someplace...)

I wasted $3500+ on a bed that is SO obviously defective that my wife and I are forced to ALTERNATE SIDES nightly just to minimize each others' suffering. (with my existing back and hip problems so bad, when it is my turn to be on the DEFECTIVE side, I end up on the couch within an hour or two)

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