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Posted by Patrick from Orlando, FL on August 23, 2015

My parents had bought a memory foam queen bed and adjustable base from Mattress One on OBT in Orlando that was supposed to be delivered on 18 AUG, called on 17 AUG to make sure everything was still on track and was told they didn't have anything on it, they said they would call back but didn't, called the next day said they were still working on it that the old manager had quit but they would call back but didn't. Next day they said they found the papers and would deliver it on 21 AUG. I had just returned from being out of town and called the store myself to make sure everything was OK and was told it was all set up, as I was about to hang up I asked for the name of the guy I was talking to and was told Jose. I decided to go to the store about 2 hours later to find out what had happened and find out why they didn't deliver as promised on 18 AUG. When I got to the store and asked for Jose the new store manager said that Jose didn't work there. I should have known better at that point to believe anything they said was a run around, but the manager said he would guarantee the bed would be delivered 21 AUG. When it didn't show up luckily it was paid for on a charge card and was canceled. I went to Mattress Firm and they did a price match and gave my parents a better product and delivered it the next day. I'll be going back there when it's time for my next purchase and I'd recommend them to my friends as well.

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