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Tempermental Mattress

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Posted by Laurie G from Burleson, TX on October 21, 2011

We were not able to return or exchange a $4000 temperpedic mattress that we had only one month.
This is because the company policy does not allow a buyer more than one exchange.Mattress Giant charges you a $175 re stocking fee for all exchanges or refunds. Our salesman advised us to purchase the firm temperpedic cloud series which was miserable to sleep on. We were told to take time and break it in, but it was so uncomfortable we could not wait. So we upgraded to the next level ($1200 more) to the mediium temperpedic. This is the most popular style, but my husband "hates" it and was having trouble breathing. When I tried to exchange for a traditional mattress, the manager said it was against company policy. He advised me to sell the mattress on Craigs List, and if I came back he would give me a discount on a mattress of our choice. I will not recommend shopping at mattress giant. Mattress Firm has a much better policy

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