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Posted by Sl from East Lansing, MI on July 29, 2018

About a year and a half to two years ago, we decided it was time to upgrade our mattress. We had chosen Mattress Firm because of it's large brand name and reputable company. However, we have been far from happy with them so far especially with the Tuscaloosa location. The sales woman was quick to get us in and out of the store and make a sale. She really didn't pay much attention to our needs and what we were looking for in a bed. We had to decide ourselves and chose one that met our budget well and seemed to be the right fit. The delivery of the mattress was a disaster. They were supposed to come in between 4-8pm on a Sunday. They didn't show up during the scheduled time and did not provide a phone number to follow up with. Since it was scheduled past store hours, we were unable to follow up with the store location as well. The delivery truck showed up at 11:00pm!! They were "running behind schedule" and still had two more stops to do. It was completely unacceptable. We went to talk to the sales rep the next day who was not apologetic about the situation at all nor felt that anything else could be done to remedy the situation. Luckily, the manager was there to take over the conversation and gave us a discount for the inconvenience. I still wasn't overly thrilled but it helped.

Fast forward to now - we are now having to exchange for a new bed and pay the difference for a new one. The bed we bought is the worst quality bed that we have ever had! It sags all throughout and is lumpy. Looking at the website, these are problems that this bed has had for awhile but the sales rep still sold it to us. Poor quality beds for the price shouldn't be a option for a large company like this new The next time we need a bed, we are going to to be looking elsewhere. We are almost $1600 out on two mattresses in two years with this company. Absolutely unacceptable.

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