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Corrected Account

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Sales worked hard to correct problem and Mattress Firm did live up to expectations by correcting problem.
Took 6 months to correct problem and if MF had a bed we loved I would buy from them.
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Issue Resolution

Posted by Barry R from Dallas, TX on November 3, 2012

Update (11/14/12):
I had a problem with billing but several sales staff and managers tried to get the power platform credit and balance out our account to zero. Several MF staff worked on the problem and was resolved. They do get it right.

Original Review (11/3/12):

On 6/7/2012 Mattress Firm in Irving, Texas sent delivery truck to pick up mattress and power platform. All items were picked up by Mattress Firm but the record printed in store shows only mattress but not platform pik-up. Two e-mails have been sent to Mattres Firm Warehouse to see the manifest to prove the platform was also picked up is still unavailable. This is 11/3/12 and still no resolution and Wells Fargo has been notified but still want payment for merchandise I do not have.

  • Purchased in Apr 2012

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The problem with the billing has been resolved. I recieved the zero balance statement in the mail 11/13/12. Mattress Firm had the adjustments made before I posted this problem on 11/3/12. I give credit where it is due. Thanks to the honest people at Mattress Firm for working the paperwork bureaucracy to a correct conclusion. Barry R

By: Anonymous on November 14, 2012

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