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"Caught between the Store and the Manufacturer"

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Posted by Kathryn H from Nashville, TN on January 15, 2014

I have no complaints about the store. The staff were quite pleasant, and the person from whom I ordered my mattress set seemed to go out of his way to help me. Here's the problem: this person, like myself, did not have the opportunity to see or lie on the mattress I was sold until it was delivered to my house. He could not, therefore, assess the firmness or other weaknesses (such as quick sagging) before that time. When it was delivered, he did sit and lie on it and totally understood my initial impression. After a few weeks I felt compelled to contact the store and was informed that this person was very ill and hospitalized. I responded that I certainly understood and we would communicate later. This store person had been very kind, and I certainly didn't want to add to his illness. But after some weeks later and I had not heard from this person, I did telephone the store and he offered to come out and see for himself what I was talking about. He could see the indentions - which I call the "nests" - and took pictures for the sales rep of the manufacturer. Later he told me that the manufacturer, Southerland, had stated the indentions were not deep enough to do anything yet. The store person did flip the mattress for me, and I said I wanted someone who had a hand in building this set to come out and see for him/herself the issues. He said I could expect a call. That call has not come, and it has been over five months now. The prices of this store seemed to be quite competitive, and I just hate that the store - and ultimately me (!) - got caught in the middle of an ambiguous situation. SUGGESTION: The store's representative should always be allowed to see and examine the mattress sold to any customer before it is delivered.

  • Purchased in Apr 2013

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