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The Good,Bad and the UGLY!

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  • Service: Very poor
good selection/knowlegeable sales staff
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The 60 comfort GUARANTEE is a HOAX!
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Posted by Steve P from Redding, CA on April 14, 2012

The store sells you on a 60 day comfort guarentee but there is a catch they wont tell you about until you try to exchange your bed they sold you. I was led by my salesperson to the bed I bought and after monthes of back painI had to ecchange my bed. This is where they get you they charged me a $350.00 restocking fee. I was unaware of them selling used beds, they don't they return the beds to the manufacture for a replacement bed at no charge to them. So they made an aditional $350.00 plus my upgrade charge. This is unreasonable and extremely unfair to there customers.

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    I read this review and was unsure if I wanted to buy from them after reading this but when I went in I just made sure to ask questions. Yes if you do a one time exchange there is a 10% re stocking fee so it's not just a flat $350 it depends on how much you spend. She told me they charge this because they spend over $300 fully sanitizing the bed to then sell as clearance. I can fully understand that and would be willing to pay it if I needed to exchange because at least I have that option unlike most places. It also says all of this on one of the flyers they give you at the time of the purchase. I'm so happy I went there and glad I didn't take advice from this review! I love my new bed :)

    By: Anonymous on April 7, 2013

    Sound like you work there I also asked the same question and was told they just spray it with disinfectant , then sell at retail value. Jerks.

    By: Anonymous on March 22, 2015

    Sounds like you may be a bit bitter. If you dont read a companies policies before buying, the fault is yours.

    Last point, how does selling you a sanitized product for your safety qualify them as jerks. You may have a problem with your emotional communication. Please seek help.

    By: Anonymous on April 7, 2015

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