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Posted by Carole C from District Heights, MD on August 30, 2013

I purchased a Spring Air queen set from Norman at Mattress Discounters. Although I am EXTREMLY dissatisfied with the mattress, and although I had to replace the set within the first two weeks and now looking at the manufacture to refund my money on the second set (replacement), the store and the folks that work there were exceptional in their service and knowledge of their products.

Unless the whole kit & caboodle is a massive con game, I took Norman at face value that he believed he was selling a product to fit my needs. He took his time in explaining the various options available to me and upon my need to exchange the first set, he was very helpful in getting the exchange done in short order.

As my complaint is now with the manufacturer and the product, I don't hold the local store at fault on my total dissatisfaction. At the same time, I don't believe anyone can adequately purchase a mattress simply by lying down for 30 seconds in a store environment. A 14 nights "test run" may adequately give you a better idea however, the exchange/return policy after an inital exchange leaves me with a sour taste in that a two nights balance barely gets the sheets warm.

Spring Air, you have seen the last of any future purchases from me however, Mattress Discounters may get another shot.

  • Purchased in Jul 2013

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