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Posted by Clay from Lockport, LA on March 14, 2021

I purchased a mattress from Mattress Direct and after getting it home and sleeping on it, discovered just how hard this mattress was. My girlfriend and I did not sleep at all because it felt like we were sleeping on a brick slab. I called and spoke with someone at the Houma, La store and I was told it can take up to 45 days to break the mattress in. There’s no way I can sleep on something so hard for that amount of time and be able to function. I asked to return the mattress so I could buy a more expensive mattress for better comfort and was told all sales are final. And she tells me it’s on the receipt. But then comes back with, did you purchase a protector for the bed and I said, yes I did. I was then informed I didn’t buy the most expensive mattress protector so I can’t return the mattress. I was so pissed that I went buy another mattress at Mattress Firm and in Houma, La. Needless to say, this mattress is very comfortable and will only get more comfortable as I break it in. And they have 120 day return policy if for some reason I was unhappy with comfort of the bed. NEVER BUY FROM MATTRESS DIRECT because you will get misinformed during the purchase and once this happens, you are stuck with a mattress you are unhappy with. My old mattress is more comfortable than the one I purchased from Mattress Direct.

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