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We purchased two mattresses and was told that the mattres...

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Posted by Annisha from Chickamauga, GA on February 23, 2020

We purchased two mattresses and was told that the mattress had a warranty . After having the mattress for less than 6 months the mattress is sagging and has a huge hump in the middle of the bed. I called the owner / worker Chad and he came out and looked at the mattress and seen that the mattress was indeed sagging and had a hump in the very middle of the mattress . I paid $1,100.00 for my mattress set and was told we could work out something on another mattress . When my husband and I went to the store the young lady that was there told us that chad told her to show us a particular mattress and see if we liked it. Of course we did like it . Chad informs us in order to get that mattress we would need to pay him another $500.00 . The purchase price for the whole set of the new bed would be $1,400.00 . We asked chad how was that helping us because if I give him $500 for just a new mattress that I would be out of close to $1,700.00 . He kept telling us something about his margin he has to meet . If I get the mattress he suggested I still would have paid out more than what that set cost. They have products that they don’t stand behind so be careful when they give you that warranty that doesn’t cover anything . Now I’m stuck either paying out more money or with a crappy mattress. The have crappy customer service dealing with Chad and crappy products .

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