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Rude people dont give them your money

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Posted by J L from Sandusky, OH on January 16, 2012

DO NTO PURCHASE YOUR MATTRESS FROM HERE!!!!!1 Just because they re-painted their store don't let them fool you it is a AWFUL place to buy your new bed from. I went and purchased a $1100 bed from them on NEW YEARS DAY when no one has any business, what a mistake. I was told that i would get my mattress 1 week later, it never came i went to them 3 times and called 2 times to find out where my bed was. Since the bed was paid for the now RUDE women (aka owner) did not seem to care. She seemed like she did not know how to look-up my purchase so she called someone who did not answer the phone. She then when and spent about 2 minutes and told me the bed was in norwalk and she would call me back to let me know when it would be there. The next dy i had to call back since she never called me. I was told from the begining that once the bed arives they will deliver it the next day. On Thursday when i called she said it would be monday and there is no way she can get it to me since it had SNOWED about 1 inch, whe i explained that the bed should of been there 5 days ago she said nothing, no I"M SORRY NOTHINIG she is so rude after she gets your money. Northern Ohio Gets Snow i understand but when school is not cancled i believe that a PROFESIONAL drive would be able to deliver a bed in a HUGE BOX TURCK!. So i waited another weekend. On monday i had to waite around from 12-2. The truck sped by my house at around 40 MPH and missed the driveway. at 2:00pm they then turned around. I have asked 4 times for my papperwork that i had misplaced from the purchase, i was told i would get it with my bed but the driver said he only delivers the mattress he has no papperwork and did not care. This store has been in the community for 20years and i like to support local businesses, BUT never go here go to the BIG stores like Sears, JcPenny, ETC. they will not be so rude. I had to call again to get my papperwork and when i told the other owner (a man) that is rude wife does not care to do aything after the sale he told me to come down there and tell him to his face like he wanted to fight me. WHAT A BAD expirence this was. The bed was not chep!! i could of gotten a better deal elsewhere. They also own sotres in freemont norwalk and other locations. BE AWARE and let is place fail!!!!!, i understand it is hard to be a mattress sales person :)
I agree with the other reviews and would not of gone there if i had read them!!!

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