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Damaged Furniture

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Customer Service
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Posted by Shelly from Oklahoma City, OK on June 1, 2021

I special ordered a sectional in November 2020 and at that time I was told 4-6 weeks possibly 8. Of course Covid made this impossible which I understand and ended up not getting my furniture for over 12 weeks. The day it was finally delivered was supposed to be a good day but, there was damage on the chase base. I was given the choice of 25% off of that item or for them to remake it. I opted for the remaking of it and would just use the damaged one until then as I was told 12 weeks this time. The day for the new one to arrive came and went and I waited and waited and after 2+ hours I finally called and was told the truck broke down and it would have to wait until the next day. Nice to get a call but, I guess I beat them to it. The next day came and I waited and waited and finally called them myself again and was told they were running late. I waited and finally they showed up and AGAIN there was DAMAGE to the chase. This time it was the large cushion. Someone decided it would be a good idea to tape a velour cushion. Adhesive so deep on the cushion it felt like glue. Completely ruined. The cushion to the old chase wasn't damaged so I kept it instead and there was only a small spot of adhesive on the base. I honestly didn't want to deal with this company again so I was just done! What made this even worse is the customer service acting like no big deal and I am so sorry let me give you a 75.00 gift card. Sure and thank you is what I said because I just am not rude but, seriously that is all you can do??!! 24 weeks and I still have a damaged chase that was almost 1000.00 for just that one piece. I will NEVER buy from this place again. This has been the worst experience ever buying furniture and I have bought my fair share of sofas. I totally understand COVID caused a ton of issues with production, materials etc. But, come on this was just plain carelessness and wasn't caused by anything other than someone be careless! Why would anyone put tape on any type of fabric to begin with.

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