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Warranty is One Year Only!

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Warranty Claims

Posted by Mark from Ottawa, ON on August 6, 2019

We bought a mattress and foundation at Lapensee in 2011 for $2200.00 thinking it had a 15 year, non prorated warranty.
We loved the mattress & recommended it to friends. When the comfort level began to deteriorate in year 6-7 we discovered that we had purchased a mattress with a 1 year warranty on the interior only (exterior fabric not warranted at all.) not 15 years.
After 1 year you pay to return it to their factory for them to tell you what you will pay to fix it! Some warranty!!!
By the way, if there is any 'staining or marring' (whatever that is) the warranty is invalidated.
I did wonder whether the 'fine print' would stand up in court but decided it was not worth the legal expense. We bought a new mattress from an 'international company with a 'real' 15 year 'on site' warranty!

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